Class Schedule

thursdays @ 7:30 pm

FeetUp Yoga

FeetUp Yoga adds something special to your movement routine, increase stability, strengthen your core, and tone the entire body. Experience the “wow” effect of inversions without worrying about balance, slipping, or tipping over. Most importantly, enjoy going upside down without any pressure on your neck and spine!

mondays @ 10am

Seniors Gentle Yoga

Yoga is for everyone, including seniors.  The benefits of yoga for seniors are much the same as those for the general population: increased muscle tone, balance (which is particularly important), strength, and improved mood. Through pranayama (breathing exercises), lung capacity is increased. You can expect your posture to improve and you may sleep better.

yoga for self-care

join us for this beginner-friendly class, where we will explore yoga as a tool for self-care. each class is intended to take you on a personal journey of self-love, strength, flexibility, surrender, and balance on and off the mat.       


class is $15 and students must pre-register.  


have questions? contact denise williams fairley at

tuesdays @ 7:30 pm

Wheel Yoga

Wheel Yoga use a circular yoga prop to stretch your entire body, gently massage your spine in a safe but deep way, and move deeper into postures like back bends and forearm balances.

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