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Raya Arrington


Raya is a Wealth, Health, Wellness and Total Alignment Expert, with over 18 years of teaching experience. She is a certified Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Trapeze ®, FeetUp, Gravity Yoga, Meditation, Pound Fitness Pro, and technology teacher, Breath coach, life coach, sound and vibrational healer and Reiki Master who has additional specialties in herbalism, urban gardening, crystal healing, and color therapy, as well as financial literacy, credit repair, entrepreneurship, project management and leadership.


Raya believes whole heartedly that our inner world creates our outer world, and that total alignment starts from within. As owner of The Positive Deviant, LLC, she believes in using seemingly less conventional methods to achieve goals and dreams, starting with self-awareness and incorporating movement, science-based practices, and intuition to help all bodies, regardless of age or size, reach their highest potential in all aspects of business and life.

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Kimberly Campbell

Kimberly Campbell is the kind of movement instructor that transfers her energy, curiosity and excitement for teaching to her students. Her experience as a Pilates instructor and past work in physical therapy positively influences how she teaches yoga. Adept at recognizing anatomical issues and movement patterns, she teaches movement to accommodate however your body shows up on the mat.

Arnyell Keitt

Arnyell is a belly dance fitness instructor, yoga instructor and life coach for women. Her dance classes are fun and soulful, awakening one to their inner spiritual self. Arnyell believes that movement is vital to tapping deep within oneself to remove blockages and stagnant energy that lay dormant in the body. Through dance, yoga and tapping into the feminine, Arnyell’s mission is to help women develop a deeper connection to their body and themselves. 

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